About 2 years ago, I wrote a post about my style of personal training. I didn’t dictate my clients had to do anything. I didn’t just mindlessly put them through grueling workouts, forcing them to lose weight. I didn’t keep them in the dark and allow them to think that training and nutrition is some kind of “magical, mystifying, secretive” black magic that most people do.

In fact, I did the opposite. I informed them why I was having them do the things they did. I educated them on performing movements based on their physiology. I taught them how to do the movements safely and what was going on as they were performing them. I helped them interpret their own psychology which would help them decide their session for the day.

It is always my intent to lose clients. I don’t want clients to stick around for years at a time. I want to educate them. I want them to be able to make their own decisions. I want them to say, “hey, man, I’ve learned so much from you, that I’m gonna take it from here.”

Last night, I saw the most amazing thing. My last client that I’ve trained posted a 2.5 year progress picture. I only trained him for 6 months (if I remember correctly). And after that 6 months, he’s taken control of his own journey, using the tools I taught him. He’s become a real friend and a real personal trainer, passing along the same information I gave to him.

His progress is the reason I started training, and it’s the reason I wish I was still training people. So with that in mind, if any of this sounds rad-tastical to you, I’m open to the possibility of distance coaching. With today’s technology, I can teach you these same things using Facetime, Skype, YouTube, etc. etc. If you’re interested, get ahold of me, and let’s see if we can work something out. But be aware, the price is not “free”.

Thank you, Ryan, and congrats!

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