Ahhhh, gotchya, didn’t I?!?! I’m so tricky.

The title is accurate, but it’s only half finished. Let me go ahead and complete that for you so you can stop guessing.

Saying ‘No’ to #TryingStuff is the absolute best way to ensure a boring life.

Mountain Biking Moab

Over the past four weeks, I’ve noticed my ability to say no  to new experiences have been setting records for all-time lows. I didn’t always finish what I started, but turn down new experiences? Nay. Never. Nuh-uh.

Attempt first trad lead in Indian Creek? Check.

Climb the First Flatiron? Yup

Mountain bike some classic lines in Moab and Fruita? MmmmHhhmmmm

Being told to pencil in a heli-skiing trip in Alaska next year? Done.

Go to a hockey game? Tell me why I wouldn’t.

In just five days (5!!), I will be heading to the Kingdom of Jordan with Columbia Sportswear and nine other fantastic humans from the #OmniTen crew (as well as a film crew and people from the Jordanian Tourism Board). I will be exposed to so many new experiences, I can’t imagine turning down a single one: new culture, new people, new landscape, new food, so much new food, new animals, and new food. I’m holding my breath for toasted scorpions even though I have no idea if they’re available. I just want to try them, and we’re short on fresh scorpions in Boulder.

Saying no to trying stuff is unfathomable to me. If you have the means, the ability, the support, the equipment, the finances, the whatever you need in order to perform whatever that stuff happens to be, but don’t, we are on completely different wavelengths. When I was told I was nominated as an alternate because Patrick had conflicting plans, I was asked if I could get the time off of work. I am so averse to saying no to new experiences that it didn’t matter if I couldn’t get the time off. Because I was going to take it regardless of the consequences. I can work in a cubicle for the rest of my life. A trip to Jordan may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

During an interview for the documentary, Pedro, the director (or at least I think that’s his title, aside from pretty rad guy) asked if I was nervous about anything, or if there was anything I wasn’t looking forward to. I just said, “no.” And then there was awkward silence. I’m really good at awkward.

Whatever they plan to throw at us in Jordan, I’m ready. Whether it’s snorkeling, scuba diving, riding camels, rappelling into slot canyons, eating food we’re not used to…I don’t care what it is. I want it all.

I want to experience life, and saying no  to trying stuff does not accomplish that goal.

Jordan is a pretty monumental event in my life; it’s the first time I’m leaving North America, but I hold everyday events in the same regard. See above about a hockey game. I DON’T EVEN WATCH HOCKEY! Sure, that’s not worth losing my job, but it was on a Saturday afternoon. Why would you ever turn something like that down?? Do people do that?!?!

Don’t Miss Your Chance

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Then I took control.

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