I got me a testimonial! Yezzir, I certainly do! As he explains in the testimonial, we met up on Twitter. He was looking to change his life, and I was looking for someone that wanted to….change their life. Here’s what he has to say…

I have battled with weight for five years. I had no energy whatsoever, and at close to 350lbs., I had had enough. I had a bad experience with a personal trainer before and wasn’t really getting the balance of nutrition and workout plans that I really needed. When I started Twitter, I was looking for local fitness people to follow, hoping to connect to someone who could steer me in the right direction. BOOM! I found Dave. After my bad experience, I was skeptical. I was wondering, “is this another meathead who wants me to workout like him, or will he tailor my workout to my ability and condition?” I figured, I might as well find out.

I was nervous for the first meeting. I was wondering what this guy had in store for me. He handed me this yellow sheet of paper that kind of looked like the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Next he had his trusty HD video camera, watching me do things that I was not used to doing: lunges, burpees, pushups (correctly). I was thinking, “he’s no joke.” For a couple months I worked out and followed the 10 commandments. Weight was coming off slowly, but it was coming. In the beginning I was admittedly a little stubborn, trying to make substitutes to things on the food list. Not a good idea. I was failing miserably. Dave suggested that I buy a BodyBugg so that I knew how many calories I was burning during the day and could compare that to how much I was eating. I never new how much I was overeating.

The next meeting was with the sandbag. Sometimes I still have nightmares about this sandbag. The lunges and bear crawls were not fun either. I thought I was going to die, but it was all worth it. I decided my workouts were worthless if I didn’t push myself has hard as he has pushed me.

I’ve also abandoned all processed foods except on cheat days, taken up a more active lifestyle, and am much more aware of what I eat and how much. So far, this has all paid off to the tune of losing 50lbs. in 8 months!

Dave has been there to answer every question, and he keeps it real, not afraid to tell you you’re full of shit, and his humor makes you chuckle inside. I recommend Dave to anyone with any type of goal. Having him train me was one of the best decisions for my health I’ve ever made.

Thanks, man. I know you’re going to keep it up!

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