I will be home (again) over the 4th of July weekend and would love to help the wonderful people of the Ladysmith/Holcombe/Cornell area (and beyond). My thoughts are 3 days of training opportunities. This is what I’d like to do…

Saturday morning: Fat burning circuit training

  • We’ll put together a custom circuit based on your own body’s biofeedback to make it as efficient and effective as possible.

Sunday morning: Strength training, movement coaching, and nutrition

  •  This will be split into two, 1 hour sessions
    •  The first hour will be strength training and movement coaching. The second hour will be nutrition.
    • You can pick whichever one (or both) you want to participate in.

Monday morning: Semi-private coaching

  • If you attended either, both, or neither of the previous days, Monday morning is your chance to improve any of the above.


Right now, with the two lovely ladies that have already confirmed, they will all be held in Cornell at either the Stacker Park or the park right off of Main Street. However, if more people from the Ladysmith area sign up, it could easily get moved.

Once I get an good idea of people interested (sign-up details below), I will be sure to pick a definitive location.


I’m purposely going to piss off my friends and family and keep my schedule completely open for private or semi-private sessions. This weekend is completely devoted to educating the people in the area. With that in mind, if you’re not completely comfortable exercising in front of a group of people, we can schedule a time, ANY TIME, the entire weekend so I can coach you up. We can go over basic movements, or if you’re ready, more advanced techniques. You can schedule these sessions in addition to group sessions above if you feel you need to.

What you really care about: How much is it?

I would have no problems charging $50/person per hour. In fact, that’s what I should be charging. But because it is a holiday weekend and it will be hard enough to pull you off the lake as it is, I’m only charging $30/hr. So, if you show up for any of the hour time slots above, it will be $30.

Discounts. I’ll offer these combo packages:

– If you sign up for both hours on Sunday, it’ll only be $50 instead of $60. You’re basically getting 2 hours of training for the price of one regular hour.

– If you sign up for all of the group sessions every day, the packaged price will be $100

– If you want all of the group sessions plus a private session, $125

Signing up

I need to know how many people are interested in any and all of the sessions above. I should have enough equipment for a decent size group, but if it comes down to it, I can do two different sessions of everything for the same cost to you.

So! I need a definitive answer from you either down in the comment section, an email (Dave@AthleteCreator.com), or a Facebook message.

Again, I’m already knocking $20/hr right off the top of everything. Then if you package the weekend together, I’m taking off even more. These are most definitely holiday weekend prices and won’t be offered again any time soon.

Hope to see a lot of people there!!

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